Sun, Aug 18, 2019
4:40 pmThe 3 Worst REIT Dividends For Any Retiree
Some REITs are seriously overpriced.
3:28 pmThe Rocket And Drone Attacks Against Saudi Arabia Are A Nuisance But Strategically Irrelevant
While the attack was substantial to Saudi Arabia psychologically, it did little physical damage.
3:00 pmThe VIX Projects the S&P Going Bearish
The VIX suggests the S&P 500 will be 5% lower in a month. If that's so, prepare for a full on bear market.
1:23 pmAnother Republican Recession?
Some economists and the financial media wonder whether the latest tariff Tweet may weaken the economy enough to cause a recession. Many are wondering if the administrationís economic team is up to the challenge.
11:48 amStocks This Week: Sell Short E Trade Financial And Noble Energy
The S&P 500 correction appears incomplete. Here are a pair of short sales recommendations.
11:32 am6 Reasons Not To Invest In We's IPO
If asked to buy shares in The We Company's IPO, Nancy Reagan's words come to mind: Just Say No!
10:00 amA Recession Won't Wreck Your Retirement...But This Will
Do the financial markets have your attention? I assume so. After all, Wednesday's 800-point drop in the Dow was the worst day in the U.S. stock market this year. That could have put a big divot in the plans of folks recently retired or in the late stages of their careers.
7:30 amU.S.-China Trade War: It's Time For A Change In Strategy
A legalistic approach that works in the U.S. would be ineffective in China. If Trump wants a deal that works, he should change his negotiating strategy or his team.
Sat, Aug 17, 2019
5:14 pmYour Best Buy For 7.2% Dividends (And Upside) In A Wild Market
What if there was a way you could tap this market correction to grab the biggest S&P 500 stocks cheap?
2:37 pmInvestors Face Intensifying Credit Risks With U.S. High Yield Corporate Bonds
U.S. nonfinancial corporate debt continues to rise. Credit protections for investors of high yield bonds are at record weak levels. Sophisticated investors, as well as ordinary citizens, stand to be adversely affected when a global recession arrives.
1:45 pmTrading Psychology: The Power Of Patterns And Principles
An optimal trading psychology enables us to avoid patterns of failure and enact patterns of success, ultimately expanding our capacity to live principled lives.
1:20 pmWalmart Keeps On Pushing Back At Amazon -- And Wins
Walmart is winning more on-line sales by ďturning the tables,Ē on Amazon
5:25 amDuterte Should Visit Vietnam And Malaysia Before Visiting China
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte needs a strategy lesson or two on how to stop Chinese vessels from invading Philippine waters. And he needs a lesson on how to stop China from turning the Philippines into a modern day semi-colony.
Fri, Aug 16, 2019
5:47 pmThe Week Recession Talk Grew Very Loud
The worst stock performance of the year, global markets rattled and Trumpís trade talk hits home.
3:24 pmJust A Little Too Cute For Their Own Good
Many investors continue practices that are just a little too cute for their own good. The most recent Dalbar study points out that as a result of their superior skill and cunning as market timers the average mutual fund investor lags the market that they invest in by considerable margins.
3:20 pmWant To Make An Impact? Here Are 3 Misconceptions About Impact Investing
Impact investing is a strategy that is designed to allow you to make an impact when you invest. Impact investing is also referred to as environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing and it refers to the three central forces in measuring the "impact" of an investment in a company or business.
3:14 pmDunkin' Brands: Why Did The Stock Double In 3.5 Years?
Dunkiní Brandsí (NASDAQ:DNKN) stock price has increased more than 2x from $39.40/share in January 2016 to $80.90/share in August 2019. The increase was primarily driven by a continuous increase in Total Revenue, continuous buyback, and better P/E multiple. Revenue growth is expected to continue ...
2:45 pmCould New Jersey's American Dream Become Mall of America's Nightmare?
The largest U.S. retail development of the 21st century is nearing completion. The 15-year history of American Dream in New Jerseyís Meadowlands has been a story of multiple failed development attempts along with epic delays and much controversy.
2:39 pmWhat Factors Led To A 35% Decline In Nvidia's Stock Price Over The Last 12 Months?
Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) is the market leader in graphic processor units (GPUs), and the company has seen its stock price decline by around 35% since fiscal Q2 2019. However, the stock price could trend higher in the near term, given the top line and bottom line beat in Q2 fiscal 2020. In this note ...
1:54 pmTrump Just Sealed Soybean Farmers' Fate
Trumpís trade war with China is cutting off $9 to $10 billion in U.S. soybean sales. If Trump and Chairman Xi donít come to an agreement U.S. farmers are going to be in a world of hurt. While subsidies help they donít make up for all the lost revenue, which Trump doesnít seem to understand or care.
1:52 pmWhy Is Dish Network's Stock Down About 40% Since 2015?
Dish Network's (NASDAQ:DISH) shares have declined from over $57 in December 2015 to current levels of $32. In this analysis, we break down the key factors driving the change in Dishís stock price.
1:30 pmHow Much Of Hartford's Revenues Comes From Property & Casualty Insurance: 40%, 60% or 80%?
The Hartford Financial Services Group is an insurance and financial services company which is one of the largest providers of property & casualty insurance and life insurance products in the U.S. The company is heavily dependent on Property & Casualty (P&C) segment, as it drives ...
12:40 amWhat Does The Fed Know That We Don't?
Smart diversification trumps betting on experts any day. When it comes to your retirement, itís more important to be prepared than right.
12:38 amDoes An Inverted Yield Curve Always Predict A Recession?
An anomaly in the bond market spooked the stock markets resulting in the biggest drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average this year. Is this an omen or an opportunity?
12:20 amAnalysts Expect 12% Upside For The Holdings Of The iShares U.S. Financials ETF
For the iShares U.S. Financials ETF, we found that the implied analyst target price for the ETF based upon its underlying holdings is $136.44 per unit.
12:07 amMixed Data In The Housing Market
Starts greatly disappointed, but permits offer a glimmer of hope for the future.
11:50 am4 Stocks Breaking Out After Earnings
These four stocks have strong technical momentum aligning with upbeat earnings.
11:41 amUber Gives Investors the Worst of Both Worlds
Uberís slowing growth and mounting losses reaffirms my belief that this stock has no viable path to justifying its valuation. Even after the stockís post-IPO decline, it remains significantly overvalued.
11:39 amGrowing At 237%, Snowflake Says It's Taking Business From Teradata and IBM
Teradata revenues fell 12% in the second quarter while Snowflake's revenues soared 237% in the last year. Too bad Snowflake's not public.
11:20 amHow The Pieces Add Up: The iShares Russell 1000 ETF Targets $181
For the iShares Russell 1000 ETF, we found that the implied analyst target price for the ETF based upon its underlying holdings is $180.93 per unit.
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